Board Games For Younger Children

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Playing board games with younger children presents a fun learning opportunity. These precious years are when kids learn so much. Playing kids board games can reinforce learning letters, numbers, and colors. Playing board games can also help develop memory and cognitive skills. A lot of board game makers have not only taken into account a fun factor with their games but the learning potential.

When choosing games for preschoolers, look for age appropriate board games. This most likely will be listed on the front of the board game box. Choose games that either have a theme or relate to something that is of interest to your child. If your child really likes animals, then an animal-themed game might hold their attention for longer. There are also many classic board games like Memory and Candyland that feature popular characters, too.

Playing pieces should be fairly large and shouldn’t present a choking hazard. Avoid games where tokens are used or games that contain small game pieces. All wooden games are sturdy and will be harder for children to break.

Before buying a board game for young children, check to see how long the playing time is for the game. Games that are relatively short are more likely to be finished before interest is lost. Board games that can be finished in under 15 minutes should be considered.

Look for board games that are not only age appropriate but that have simple rules. Games that have only one winning condition are best, too. Some games might have more than one way to win the game. It can be confusing to be able to win a game more than one way. This information may not be clearly noted on the board game box, so use house rules to set only one winning condition.

House rules can always be implemented into any game. Changing the rules for family play can speed up games, which hopefully will keep younger players engaged.

Award-winning games have been put through some test for fun and game play. There are plenty of awards given out to board games during the year, but just because a game receives an award doesn’t mean it’s necessary a game your kids would enjoy. Some awards are given to those board games submitted for review, so it might not be a complete inclusion to every game put out that year. Still, award-winning games can give some ideas of games to consider for your children.

Playing board games with younger children might have its challenges. Kids might become bored and not want to finish the game. If this happens, consider house rules to tailor the game to your child’s interest. Finding games that feature their favorite things can help to expand their attention span while playing. There are many board games for younger children. Read reviews and box labels to gain insight into what the game is all about before purchasing it. While board games can be a fun way to learn, it can also be a great family activity that can create memories to last a lifetime.


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